Warning: This blog is not for every salon owner.
The salon business is competitive but the internet and the economy have changed everything.
IF you realize the need to network with other salons and other businesses in your area.
IF you are open to social networking, internet marketing and progressive, out-of-the-box approaches to business, then you will find this blog very useful.
Learn from some other progressive and successful owners/leaders and feel free to write in with your own suggestions.


Marketing seminar (for stylists)

In this fast paced and fun workshop, you and your stylists learn the art of marketing and sales.  Thinking of yourself as an ‘artist’ is fine, as long as you are marketing like a business person.  Kristin and her team teach proven business tips and practices in an interactive manner that will increase your retail profits and get more rebookings for services.

Be ready to take notes, have fun and have an expert and her team teach your stylists how to help you increase revenues.   Completely affordable and a write off as a business expense.

Powerful image events

View our Promo video here for contact info! http://www.youtube.com/PowerfulImage

It's the ideal win-win, dedicated to helping both non-profits and merchants in the health/wellness and beauty industries increase their bottom lines.  Through our systematized and proven approach, we help you host the most fun, informative and sassy events around so that everyone makes profits, and only your new and pampered existing customers spend money. 

We combine the shameless promotion of our own Broadway, Film/TV and marketing credits to help your business and the non-profit organization gain a higher profile and a great buzz for both your organizations.  Unabashedly providing fun and excitement to your clients and constituents is our main goal, as well as exposing them to exclusive, yet affordable products.

Again, you invest no capital, yet you help a non-profit while making money yourselves. We outline a great marketing approach that you can implement into your own business so that you can continue blowing away your clients. For example: You will have the opportunity to book an event per month to gain more products and customers. This, along with many more diverse tactics, is designed to help you succeed in an unconventional way.

Call now for an interview to see if you qualify.

Expanded distribution thru powerful and synergistic products

Interested in learning how to introduce a profitable side stream of income into your already booming salon biz? Be sure to send me an email with your interest so that we can set up an interview for you and explore a completely new business concept that many beauty experts (Including Scott Barnes, Kimora Lee Simons, Kim Kardashian) are already utilizing. Learn from a professional team of cutting edge internet marketing specialist who have partnered with Microsoft  to introduce a "Beauty from the inside out element to your shop". Take your salon business from good to Amazing!