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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview with Lisa Mizzone-- Harbor Lite Hair

"We are the downtown area's premier salon in Milford CT.  Your self expression is the purest form of individuality.  Reveal it.  It is what makes YOU.  Let us show you how we can provide you with the best talent of services and exclusive products that will satisfy your perfect look. Our full service hair, skin and nail salon is controlled only by artists who are masters of their trade.  Come see the difference with us."


Q: How long have you worked in the beauty industry? How long have you owned this salon?
A: Been in business 24 years, 10 years owner

Q: What is this salon’s nitch? And do you have a perfect customer for that nitch? What does that person look like to you?
A: We offer excetional promotions and services. Once a regular client, we give you "mini" services that are free. ex: Bang trims and neck and sideburn cleanups. Clients love it because it extends services a bit for them and they really appreciate that we are thinking of them.

Q: How do you feel you are being a great leader for this salon? What examples do you set?
A: Yes, most of the time. Work in this environment as professional as possible & keep consistant with clients as possible .

Q: What charities, if any, do you do events for?
A: Cancer, Tourettes, Homeless shelters, Locks of love, March of dimes, Milford Rape Crisis Center

Q: How do you ensure that you have repeat customers? And how do you hold your stylists accountable for repeat bookings and sales?
A: Direct person mail by the stylists and promos that follow. When any client rebooks after their first visit they can get 10% off their next visit.

Q: What is your favorite beauty website, tv show, etc ?
A: Tabitha (forgot the name of the show)

Q: What kind of mandatory education do you expect your stylists to have and what do you provide here at the shop?
A: Must have current CT license. Must attend one cutting and one color event each year

Q: What is your best tip for other salon owners in terms of hiring stylists and finding good receptionists?
A: Keep things very simple and direct with employees. Train them to be like you and your philosophy

Q: What do you do at the salon to make your customers giggle with excitement every time they come thru your door?
A: Tell them a funny story of joke

Q: What kind of marketing are you currently using? (example: facebook, website, twitter etc) and how is it working for you?
A: Facebook, website, direct marketing

Q: If you could offer one more service to your clients, what would it be?
A: Maybe spray tanning since we have most of the salon services

Kristin's Marketing Gem:

Stylists have a golden opportunity to “market” while working. You literally have a captive audience!  Rather than waiting until your customer has left your chair to ‘interrupt’ them with a flyer or mailed promotions, new marketing or ‘permission marketing’ suggests that you first gain the client’s consent to participate in the selling or referring process.

For Example: Lisa could use 15 extra minutes at the end of every hair appt (or even while the color is on) to educate the client about the wonderful makeup line she carries (Motives).  Do a ‘lip’ or ‘eye’ session and show the client what colors and techniques you used on her.  Educate her on the techniques of applying the makeup. Quick. Easy. Fun.  You will sell her all three items because she feels she can do this herself when she goes home. Give her a coupon at the end of your demo for a half hour makeup instruction session, where you will give her 10% off anything she orders that day.

This sells makeup for you, gets your client back in the shop and if you’re really smart, you will ask her to bring a friend with her to that session. Offer her a complimentary product if the friend books an appt, buys a product, becomes a customer. Anything to get the referral process going.  THAT IS YOUR BEST "BANG FOR THE BUCK" ADVERTISING!

The age of interactivity has arrived!  It can empower a business to engage its customers in individual dialogues. You have a client sitting in your chair who you can develop a relationship with that grows stronger over time. Why not ask them for referrals right there? Why not rebook a cut or a makeup session right there? Why waste money and paper on mailed flyers? 

Teach your stylists how to converse!  And how to drive the client towards a product that will help them.  Let your stylists watch you do it.  MAKE them watch you do it.  The small amount of time you take to train them to be wonderful conversationalists and sales people whose main goal is to help the client and to get referrals to other people they know, will be well spent.

Book suggestion (available on CD as well):   Permission Marketing- Seth Godin

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